February 2008
Fri 1st<br/>canterbury
Fri 1st
Sat 2nd<br/>cathedral tower
Sat 2nd
cathedral tower
Sun 3rd<br/>the black prince
Sun 3rd
the black prince's tomb
Mon 4th<br/>ominous cloudscape
Mon 4th
ominous cloudscape
Tue 5th<br/>reculver
Tue 5th
Wed 6th<br/>parting of the ways
Wed 6th
parting of the ways
Thu 7th<br/>blue blogger in bristol ball
Thu 7th
blue blogger in bristol ball
Fri 8th<br/>joiner
Fri 8th
Sat 9th<br/>reflection in a still pond
Sat 9th
reflection in a still pond
Sun 10th<br/>the round house
Sun 10th
the round house
Mon 11th<br/>bendy
Mon 11th
Tue 12th<br/>water feature
Tue 12th
water feature
Wed 13th<br/>downland tree
Wed 13th
downland tree
Thu 14th<br/>charity shop display
Thu 14th
charity shop display
Fri 15th<br/>signs
Fri 15th
Sat 16th<br/>one hour before closing time
Sat 16th
one hour before closing time
Sun 17th<br/>canals
Sun 17th
Mon 18th<br/>scapegoat
Mon 18th
Tue 19th<br/>eastbourne pier
Tue 19th
eastbourne pier
Wed 20th<br/>blogs revisited (1)
Wed 20th
blogs revisited (1)
Thu 21st<br/>trish
Thu 21st
trish's kitchen
Fri 22nd<br/>fun with tyres
Fri 22nd
fun with tyres
Sat 23rd<br/>after the walk drinks
Sat 23rd
after the walk drinks
Sun 24th<br/>match of the day
Sun 24th
match of the day
Tue 26th<br/>a painter
Tue 26th
a painter's choices
Wed 27th<br/>field of sheep
Wed 27th
field of sheep
Thu 28th<br/>on the town
Thu 28th
on the town
Fri 29th<br/>a dirty van
Fri 29th
a dirty van