January 2010


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Fri 1st<br/>new years day stroll
Fri 1st
new years day stroll
Sat 2nd<br/>013
Sat 2nd
Sun 3rd<br/>sunday
Sun 3rd
sunday's cloud
Mon 4th<br/>bathed in morning light
Mon 4th
bathed in morning light
Tue 5th<br/>birthday
Tue 5th
Wed 6th<br/>arms or breasts?
Wed 6th
arms or breasts?
Thu 7th<br/>second snow day
Thu 7th
second snow day
Fri 8th<br/>the light, the light...
Fri 8th
the light, the light...
Sat 9th<br/>trees defined
Sat 9th
trees defined
Sun 10th<br/>fit the frame
Sun 10th
fit the frame
Mon 11th<br/>feeding the sheep
Mon 11th
feeding the sheep
Tue 12th<br/>last snow shot?
Tue 12th
last snow shot?
Wed 13th<br/>spoke too soon...
Wed 13th
spoke too soon...
Thu 14th<br/>positively the last...
Thu 14th
positively the last...
Fri 15th<br/>near by
Fri 15th
near by
Sat 16th<br/>005
Sat 16th
Sun 17th<br/>normal life resumes
Sun 17th
normal life resumes
Mon 18th<br/>red house...
Mon 18th
red house...
Tue 19th<br/>Mii and Mii
Tue 19th
Mii and Mii
Wed 20th<br/>ten windows
Wed 20th
ten windows
Thu 21st<br/>lindberg.com
Thu 21st
Fri 22nd<br/>painting jeans
Fri 22nd
painting jeans
Sat 23rd<br/>saint mick
Sat 23rd
saint mick
Sun 24th<br/>047
Sun 24th
Tue 26th<br/>fnarr fnarr...
Tue 26th
fnarr fnarr...
Wed 27th<br/>week running away
Wed 27th
week running away
Thu 28th<br/>skater
Thu 28th
Fri 29th<br/>block
Fri 29th
Sat 30th<br/>towner gallery
Sat 30th
towner gallery
Sun 31st<br/>collonade
Sun 31st