July 2017


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Sat 1st<br/>yesterdays skies
Sat 1st
yesterdays skies
Sun 2nd<br/>writer and painter
Sun 2nd
writer and painter
Mon 3rd<br/>dead pub in sheffield
Mon 3rd
dead pub in sheffield
Tue 4th<br/>first evening walk to the (other) pub
Tue 4th
first evening walk to the (other) pub
Wed 5th<br/>on kinder scout
Wed 5th
on kinder scout
Thu 6th<br/>distant views
Thu 6th
distant views
Fri 7th<br/>towards castleton
Fri 7th
towards castleton
Sat 8th<br/>mam tor
Sat 8th
mam tor
Sun 9th<br/>disco or die
Sun 9th
disco or die
Mon 10th<br/>territorial
Mon 10th
Tue 11th<br/>landport meadow
Tue 11th
landport meadow
Wed 12th<br/>from my bedroom you can see the sea
Wed 12th
from my bedroom you can see the sea
Thu 13th<br/>Hampshire 188-3 beat Sussex 169-7
Thu 13th
Hampshire 188-3 beat Sussex 169-7
Fri 14th<br/>spectator sport
Fri 14th
spectator sport
Sat 15th<br/>platform 6 ?
Sat 15th
platform 6 ?
Sun 16th<br/>flying visit
Sun 16th
flying visit
Mon 17th<br/>rows of huts
Mon 17th
rows of huts
Tue 18th<br/>the depot
Tue 18th
the depot
Wed 19th<br/>family shots
Wed 19th
family shots
Thu 20th<br/>north west from TQ 34293 11686
Thu 20th
north west from TQ 34293 11686
Fri 21st<br/>bottleneck
Fri 21st
Sat 22nd<br/>london road viaduct
Sat 22nd
london road viaduct
Sun 23rd<br/>brighton train shed
Sun 23rd
brighton train shed
Mon 24th<br/>marbled white on convolvulus
Mon 24th
marbled white on convolvulus
Tue 25th<br/>conversation
Tue 25th
Wed 26th<br/>doorway
Wed 26th
Thu 27th<br/>across the bay
Thu 27th
across the bay
Fri 28th<br/>chichester alley
Fri 28th
chichester alley
Sat 29th<br/>three small pots
Sat 29th
three small pots
Sun 30th<br/>canon o
Sun 30th
canon o'donnell
Mon 31st<br/>the ouse and the brewery
Mon 31st
the ouse and the brewery