February 2021


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Mon 1st<br/>textures
Mon 1st
Tue 2nd<br/>rearranging the deckchairs
Tue 2nd
rearranging the deckchairs
Wed 3rd<br/>north street
Wed 3rd
north street
Thu 4th<br/>stasis
Thu 4th
Fri 5th<br/>low cloud over firle beacon
Fri 5th
low cloud over firle beacon
Sat 6th<br/>ghost town (4)
Sat 6th
ghost town (4)
Sun 7th<br/>contre jour beech tree
Sun 7th
contre jour beech tree
Sun 7th<br/>not going out
Sun 7th
not going out
Mon 8th<br/>walking to blackcap
Mon 8th
walking to blackcap
Tue 9th<br/>bitterly cold
Tue 9th
bitterly cold
Wed 10th<br/>misty brew
Wed 10th
misty brew
Thu 11th<br/>bus shelter drinking
Thu 11th
bus shelter drinking
Fri 12th<br/>dead flowers
Fri 12th
dead flowers
Sat 13th<br/>reds
Sat 13th
Sun 14th<br/>valentine vax
Sun 14th
valentine vax
Mon 15th<br/>three onions
Mon 15th
three onions
Tue 16th<br/>private and public
Tue 16th
private and public
Wed 17th<br/>discussing the polegate interchange
Wed 17th
discussing the polegate interchange
Thu 18th<br/>dirty mill
Thu 18th
dirty mill
Fri 19th<br/>the lewes train
Fri 19th
the lewes train
Sat 20th<br/>paths and gates
Sat 20th
paths and gates
Sun 21st<br/>bridleway waymarker
Sun 21st
bridleway waymarker
Mon 22nd<br/>simply red
Mon 22nd
simply red
Tue 23rd<br/>sunny paths
Tue 23rd
sunny paths
Wed 24th<br/>mackerel skies
Wed 24th
mackerel skies
Thu 25th<br/>blue doors
Thu 25th
blue doors
Fri 26th<br/>musicians series
Fri 26th
musicians series
Sat 27th<br/>londoner
Sat 27th
londoner's escape
Sun 28th<br/>super A
Sun 28th
super A