September 2013


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Sun 1st<br/>cycling into a painting
Sun 1st
cycling into a painting
Mon 2nd<br/>triumph roadster
Mon 2nd
triumph roadster
Tue 3rd<br/>down the offham road
Tue 3rd
down the offham road
Wed 4th<br/>walk after dinner
Wed 4th
walk after dinner
Fri 6th<br/>tiles and tiles
Fri 6th
tiles and tiles
Sat 7th<br/>fast moving weather
Sat 7th
fast moving weather
Sun 8th<br/>arthur
Sun 8th
arthur's seat in low sun
Mon 9th<br/>after the man ray
Mon 9th
after the man ray
Tue 10th<br/>water of leith
Tue 10th
water of leith
Wed 11th<br/>from the nelson monument
Wed 11th
from the nelson monument
Thu 12th<br/>portobello folly
Thu 12th
portobello folly
Fri 13th<br/>firth of forth
Fri 13th
firth of forth
Sat 14th<br/>fidra
Sat 14th
Sun 15th<br/>passing over
Sun 15th
passing over
Mon 16th<br/>passing under
Mon 16th
passing under
Tue 17th<br/>columns
Tue 17th
Wed 18th<br/>our evening
Wed 18th
our evening
Fri 20th<br/>go go go!
Fri 20th
go go go!
Sat 21st<br/>season of nets
Sat 21st
season of nets
Sun 22nd<br/>A27 pitstop
Sun 22nd
A27 pitstop
Mon 23rd<br/>birthday boy
Mon 23rd
birthday boy
Tue 24th<br/>new museum at ditchling
Tue 24th
new museum at ditchling
Wed 25th<br/>cy in the museum
Wed 25th
cy in the museum
Thu 26th<br/>phoebe next to J.J. homage
Thu 26th
phoebe next to J.J. homage
Fri 27th<br/>true crimes
Fri 27th
true crimes
Sat 28th<br/>tea-light holders
Sat 28th
tea-light holders
Sun 29th<br/>last drops of nectar
Sun 29th
last drops of nectar
Mon 30th<br/>a long shot
Mon 30th
a long shot