January 2022
Sat 1st<br/>clouds like lips (?)
Sat 1st
clouds like lips (?)
Sun 2nd<br/>mysterious woodland
Sun 2nd
mysterious woodland
Mon 3rd<br/>valley mood
Mon 3rd
valley mood
Tue 4th<br/>one day to go
Tue 4th
one day to go
Wed 5th<br/>10 seconds to run round the pond
Wed 5th
10 seconds to run round the pond
Thu 6th<br/>smoke in the valley
Thu 6th
smoke in the valley
Fri 7th<br/>friday life drawing
Fri 7th
friday life drawing
Sat 8th<br/>baked cheesecake
Sat 8th
baked cheesecake
Sun 9th<br/>waiting for the pink tram
Sun 9th
waiting for the pink tram
Mon 10th<br/>salford quays
Mon 10th
salford quays
Tue 11th<br/>railway pride
Tue 11th
railway pride
Wed 12th<br/>the whitworth gallery
Wed 12th
the whitworth gallery
Thu 13th<br/>ira aldridge
Thu 13th
ira aldridge
Fri 14th<br/>eric
Fri 14th
Sat 15th<br/>a person, some cows, some sheep
Sat 15th
a person, some cows, some sheep
Sun 16th<br/>everyone
Sun 16th
everyone's out this afternoon