1st Jan    new road and year

2nd Jan    CSI jigsaw

3rd Jan    new shoes

4th Jan    cheesecake
A pre-birthday Lucy-made baked cheesecake of great deliciousness

5th Jan    marks the spot

6th Jan    tomorrow ?
So far the weather station has proved to be pretty accurate.

7th Jan    aegithalos caudatus
These tiny long-tailed tits frequent the Acer 2 feet in front of my eyes.

Being so fast in their movements they have proved difficult to photograph.

8th Jan    14-05-1264

9th Jan    pin cushion

10th Jan    xp home

11th Jan    bopit extreme 2

12th Jan    poor taste

13th Jan    new kids on the block

14th Jan    liberty

15th Jan    fraternity

16th Jan    equality
This blog dedicated to those yellow and purple ducks all over the world...

17th Jan    voyeur?
I guess we need a new washbasin.
Oh god, more expense.

18th Jan    dew pond

19th Jan    mary's flowers

20th Jan    starting gate
...the 'going' I suspect was soft.

21st Jan    elephant and castle

22nd Jan    dead house
My friend trespassed into the stables development site and took this photo...

23rd Jan    passports
The more successful attempts...
bad hair and closed eyes not pictured.

24th Jan    homework
P. did this rather nice picture of an African mask in the style of Leger.

25th Jan    lucy's piggybank

26th Jan    plaque
Tom Paine: described elsewhere as 'citizen of Lewes and the world'
Considering this illustrious history the White Hart Hotel should serve edible food.

27th Jan    ring road

28th Jan    it's grim up north

29th Jan    one chalky leg

30th Jan    torn

31st Jan    ripped