1st Oct    car park

2nd Oct    folly
Now that Hoogstraten has decamped to Zimbabwe, I doubt whether this hideous building will ever be finished...

3rd Oct    mill

4th Oct    eight

5th Oct    new shoes

6th Oct    hot %2B cold food
untutored graphics...

7th Oct    station

8th Oct    westmeston

9th Oct    corner
a height restriction bar to car park in Southover, stopping lutons and double deckers...

10th Oct    balloon

11th Oct    more rolos

12th Oct    breadbin

13th Oct    crayolas

14th Oct    silhouettes

15th Oct    africa

16th Oct    peter's blue drink

17th Oct    young man...
...there's no need to feel down.
I said, young man, pick yourself off the ground.
I said, young man, 'cause you're in a new town...

18th Oct    japanese

19th Oct    nothing to celebrate
been a shite day, one problem after another...

20th Oct    acid

21st Oct    boy

22nd Oct    night flight
Off to Kefalonia, lucky things.

23rd Oct    capiscum

24th Oct    light %26 shade

25th Oct    rough sea

26th Oct    beddingham
Have passed this church so many times, thought I'd stop today. Unfortunately the light had gone overcast and flat.

27th Oct    not bill

28th Oct    james white
I used to know his brother, Barry.

29th Oct    evening light
Unfortunately I was in the car coming back from Sainos, B&Q etc., etc.
A week spent DIY-ing and driving about.

30th Oct    dressed
The room is done, Linda Barker came this morning with scatter cushions, 'abstract' prints, throws and scented candles...

31st Oct    lapper, nelson, feltons
An enjoyable day in London, only marred by Tone and Jude's protracted coach journey.