1st Nov    red
This vine is the only intruder from next door that I don't mind.

2nd Nov    capital
Gideon Algernon Mantell eminent Victorian palaentologist lived in this house.
Discovered the Iguanadon apparently.

3rd Nov    scroll

4th Nov    wee roddy
Lucy's fabulous knitted jumper for the Rodmeister

5th Nov    bonfire
From the safe haven of the Jeffrey Household, we watch the parades.
Yet again I have failed to take a decent photo.
The crowds this year are something else, a human river down St.Annes Hill.

6th Nov    banner

7th Nov    windows

8th Nov    cryptic monday
1 down: In stock?
Answer: Popular

What kind of crap clue is THAT?

9th Nov    chicken

10th Nov    dose

11th Nov    go on buy it!
Andrew, Bob, Steve and I go to Evans Cycles near Gatwick to look at bikes.

12th Nov    yew

13th Nov    rye
6 years to the day my Dad died.
Can't believe the speed at which time passes.

14th Nov    metal

15th Nov    wizard

16th Nov    seesaw

17th Nov    monochrome
At PCWorld in Hove, got out the car and the black sky behind this white car showroom was dramatic.

18th Nov    alien
This came in the organic vegetable box.
I don't know what it is except it looks like a cauliflower had sex with a sea-urchin.

19th Nov    train

20th Nov    scarf

21st Nov    condemned
A grey day.
Walk past 'Grey Walls' a depressing unfortunate house unoccupied because it is made of asbestos.

22nd Nov    luna
An experiment. Only way to get exposure was by trial and error.
In the end I took this at 200th sec at f4.6 ('film' speed 64 iso)

23rd Nov    norse

24th Nov    frame
Furlong markers are still extant on the site of the racecourse.

25th Nov    funghi

26th Nov    bench

27th Nov    arch

28th Nov    undercliff

29th Nov    gut (not pictured)

30th Nov    bowser