1st Nov    fatsia
It is so warm things are still flowering...

2nd Nov    rainbow
Lucy arranged these thus in the new wardrobe, I had no idea I had such colourful shirts...

3rd Nov    rust

4th Nov    fall
red leaves in a red bin

5th Nov    spooks

6th Nov    rainy day playtime

7th Nov    drying

8th Nov    pump

9th Nov    parkland

10th Nov    low sun
OK that was the day before, today was terrible weather...

11th Nov    kinetic

12th Nov    why?

13th Nov    pullman

14th Nov    low sun (2)

15th Nov    low sun (3)
man and bike...

16th Nov    low sun (4)

17th Nov    queue

18th Nov    below zero
second morning of frost

19th Nov    cavalli

20th Nov    dvd

21st Nov    landscape

22nd Nov    bored
I saw myself in the back of the iPod, head filling the rectangle. Couldn't reproduce the effect with camera.

23rd Nov    two blue bottles

24th Nov    six candles

25th Nov    castle rise

26th Nov    army boom box
...spotted in Woolies, get your boy (girl?) one this Christmas, only ?22.99.

27th Nov    untitled

28th Nov    four old men
Andrew's 50th birthday meal, not pictured (for compositional reasons) are Pete, Bob and Mick.

29th Nov    fire in the grate

30th Nov    last cigarette
This week I have been mainly watching Krzysztof Kieslowski's 'Dekalog'
No.5, powerful stuff