1st Dec    farrow n'ball

2nd Dec    parent's evening

3rd Dec    big sky

4th Dec    mallards

5th Dec    jules and trish
After a walk where I forgot my camera...

6th Dec    leaves
A strange window display.

7th Dec    grafitti
W.N. did this in 1722.
You don't get serif fonts like that out of a spray can...

8th Dec    driving

9th Dec    serenade

10th Dec    terracotta

11th Dec    ghost

12th Dec    carol's snake

13th Dec    ho bloody ho
The consumerist mania that gets worse every year, a criminal waste of electricity, and an aesthetic nightmare to boot.

14th Dec    jag

15th Dec    birthday girl

16th Dec    phew... that's a relief
No mention of your lungs and cardio-vascular system then...

17th Dec    spelling
or perhaps even the 'ground'.


18th Dec    roving meal
Every year some residents of Leicester Road have a roving meal with about 20-24 people.
This year was a particularly lovely evening.
Pictured Sue proposing a toast.

19th Dec    jools

20th Dec    homer in the hedge

21st Dec    vernacular
The shortest day, about fours hours murky daylight at best.
Then we crawl back to our burrows... great!

22nd Dec    star

23rd Dec    sprouts
A tower of organic sproutage, roll on christmas day...

24th Dec    cracker toy
Is it:
1. Mr.T?
2. David Baddiel?
3. Kimberley Quinn's new lover?

25th Dec    cy

26th Dec    two puddings
Kate's inventive boxing day desserts...
trifle decorated by Lydia, and christmas pudding flavoured ice cream.

27th Dec    robin
This bird was singing most beautifully on top of an ash tree.

28th Dec    on a clear day
The clearest day imaginable. The golfcourse taken from Lansdown Place.

29th Dec    240 blogs
A poster made from 8 A4 sheets containing 30 images each. Made using Photoshop's automated contact sheet feature.

30th Dec    not cool...

31st Dec    auld lang syne
enigmatic.. moi?