1st Dec    andy %26 lou

2nd Dec    blue shop

3rd Dec    performance

4th Dec    corner

5th Dec    woodturning

6th Dec    let's party

7th Dec    caroline

8th Dec    the meridian
behind the pub previously known as the "Pewter Pot" re-named in 2000

9th Dec    mosque

10th Dec    granny's new hair
Doesn't she look gorgeous!

11th Dec    willey's bridge

12th Dec    whiteread

13th Dec    st. brides

14th Dec    ouse

15th Dec    artisans christmas social

16th Dec    scarecrow

17th Dec    party
(Standing) John, Mark, Rebecca, Barbs, Mark, Debbie, Soph, John , Marnie. (Sitting) Owena, Di, Lucy, Sue, Adrian, Simon, Susanne, Peter, Emma, Rose.

18th Dec    walk
Steve and Linda proposed a walk to Mount Caburn followed by a selection of delicious cocktails and sandwiches.
An excellent idea and a lovely afternoon.

19th Dec    model

20th Dec    wreath

21st Dec    star

22nd Dec    bale-o-twine

23rd Dec    lights

24th Dec    queen
Max's wonderful queen still up in Cy's hall.

25th Dec    steps
Christmas day walk, beautiful weather.

26th Dec    boxing day
kite flying at Keymer Post

27th Dec    recycle

28th Dec    eastgate house

29th Dec    colander

30th Dec    discarded glove

31st Dec    rainbow
the last day of the year and the last blog in this format.