1st Apr    david

2nd Apr    butleigh
a pre-lunch walk with Tone & Jude, almost felt like summer

3rd Apr    rowberry warren
Nearly 10 miles (only) of enjoyable but very tiring single track...

4th Apr    solo trip
Phoebes goes to stay with Lizzie B. for a few days

5th Apr    angles

6th Apr    long room
it was a nice evening... honest!

7th Apr    pacman

8th Apr    the big ad
Lewes Artisans latest big ad. for the artists and designers.
Come out rather well I think...

9th Apr    vintage
...an Austin Seven I believe.

10th Apr    logs for goalposts

11th Apr    drowning

12th Apr    more angles
I blame subsidence.

13th Apr    susanne %26 peter

14th Apr    dish doctor

15th Apr    stencil

16th Apr    horse chestnut

17th Apr    net curtains

18th Apr    feature

19th Apr    lucy %26 bay

20th Apr    blue sky blue clock

21st Apr    oscar %26 cy %26 lucy %26 eduard
Two Wildes, one Irish, one Estonian. Big links with that country and Galway apparently.

22nd Apr    signage

23rd Apr    the burren
Limestone pavement
...and all sorts of wierd formations as it breaks up and/or is eroded away.

24th Apr    galway

25th Apr    twelve pins, connemara

26th Apr    shrine
Knock is a place of pilgrimage...
Buy your plastic bottle(s) here and fill up with the holy water...

27th Apr    wild gentian

28th Apr    bicycle bell

29th Apr    chiropractor

30th Apr    vote