1st Jun    lens
Lucy's magnifying glass, the 'Indy', 'Make Poverty History', Sir Bob and Live8...

2nd Jun    rgb (2)

3rd Jun    spotted orchid
growing wild on the downs...

4th Jun    roast garlic
Part of last night's dinner
Very sad, have had a to send my lovely camera off to be repaired/replaced, so retro blogs or phone-cam blogs for the foreseeable future...

5th Jun    old coach road
The delightful road/track between Firle and Alfriston was part of the main route to Eastbourne. (taken 29-5-05)

6th Jun    mist
Retro 2
(taken 3-12-04)

7th Jun    black stuff
Retro 3
Lucy in the Skeffington Arms Hotel, Galway (22-04-05)

8th Jun    'pylon' gate
Retro 4 (02-05-05)
Grid ref: TQ 38402 11914
Height above s/l: 158m
Distance from house: 3.04km

9th Jun    sid and snowman
Retro 5 (27-02-05)

10th Jun    horses head?
A big flake of limestone on the Burren, co.Clare.
Was it propped up or was it blown?
Retro 6: (23-04-05)

11th Jun    shelter
Retro 7
Hardly seasonal, taken 1-1-03

12th Jun    perugia
subterranean roman streets...
Retro 8
(Taken 24-8-03)

13th Jun    padstow ferry
Retro 9 (October-03)
Lucy, Chris and Sue pictured centre to right.

14th Jun    rainbow
Retro 10 (Autumn '04) Corfe Castle, Dorset

15th Jun    steps
Retro 11: getting fed up now, no word on camera insurance claim...

16th Jun    boring day
These phone images are not bad really, they have a certain 'pinhole' quality to them. I should do more with it.

17th Jun    drought

18th Jun    Retro 12
Mallorca, 01-08-02
I like the composition of this.
The figures (Lucy, Phoebe, Briony) contained in the space, the green sea and threatening sky, the empty beach.

19th Jun    papaver rhoeas
Retro 13
Today I tried to take a field of poppies with my phone camera, result: blurred and misframed.
Here are some I took earlier (in 2003)

20th Jun    level crossing
Another 2 or 3 weeks until I get my camera back.

21st Jun    gay bar

22nd Jun    decorated keystone

23rd Jun    lads
Le French trip 2003

24th Jun    natural bonsai

25th Jun    hastings
Retro 19
(taken 14-11-04)

26th Jun    three generations

27th Jun    currents
Retro 21 (Feb.04)

28th Jun    napoli
Retro 22
(July 04)

29th Jun    saariselka
Hopefully last retroblog, as Pentax should be with me tomorrow.
Another shot of a foriegn holiday: P. and I before getting onto our snowmobile.(Feb.03)

30th Jun    slow
Camera is back, seems fine. Not much inspiration though, today...