1st Jul    dumped
At the dump:
someone had chucked a perfectly good set of pool balls

2nd Jul    fridge flash

3rd Jul    deflation

4th Jul    brush

5th Jul    running

6th Jul    gable end

7th Jul    f to k

8th Jul    (nef)soe?

9th Jul    knee-trembler

10th Jul    gimmer

11th Jul    bridge

12th Jul    mermaids

13th Jul    award

14th Jul    fern

15th Jul    digitalis

16th Jul    cement factory

17th Jul    moore

18th Jul    charleston

19th Jul    eye

20th Jul    pr(inting)

21st Jul    krispies

22nd Jul    beauty bag

23rd Jul    um
Phoebe and Katherine go off to America as Unaccompanied Minors

24th Jul    manhole

25th Jul    twitten

26th Jul    raining !
First evening in Naples and it was raining. Didn't again.

27th Jul    after piero

28th Jul    ercolano

29th Jul    goddess

30th Jul    frutta del mare

31st Jul    pompei