1st Aug    capodimonte

2nd Aug    non toccare

3rd Aug    lily

4th Aug    gatwick

5th Aug    converse

6th Aug    jumper

7th Aug    cava

8th Aug    lager

9th Aug    bastards

10th Aug    barbie
It had occurred to me (and to Anthony) that this resembles the last photo.

11th Aug    knob

12th Aug    work work work
a low point

13th Aug    phone-cam

14th Aug    can't wait...

15th Aug    bee

16th Aug    adjacent

17th Aug    arcade

18th Aug    pin

19th Aug    glyndebourne
We saw The Miserly Knight and Gianni Schicchi, thanks Mick & Sue

20th Aug    kings cross

21st Aug    eightieth
Captain Kit is 80

22nd Aug    st. marys

23rd Aug    pimms
Can't fit everyone in. Here are Flick and Phoebe, pre-barbeque drinks...

24th Aug    wedding
Lucy and I get married, so many photos to choose from, everybody there is important, and so much else besides.
It rained as we went in, but our spirits were high.

25th Aug    grasshopper

26th Aug    detail

27th Aug    knocked

28th Aug    in the bath

29th Aug    jukebox

30th Aug    bodiam

31st Aug    shopping