1st Sep    walls

2nd Sep    dusk

3rd Sep    artisan

4th Sep    cocktails
...sitting in the yard, after a funny old day, a cold beer and a pkt. of mini cheddars from the corner shop.
The new glass that my best man brought me from Prague...

5th Sep    pevensey
A family picnic with the Marsh/Aliffes at Pevensey bay.
Got sunburnt, not bad for September.

6th Sep    built
Underneath a balcony of a house in Paddock Road.

7th Sep    b _ y

8th Sep    in the bath (2)

9th Sep    vandal
An irate burger of Lewes has taken revenge on the new parking scheme already by defacing this machine two weeks before it is due to start...

10th Sep    skyline

11th Sep    muffins
So much preparation, so much trepidation, then so much exultation.
So many dear friends came to our party and no shot could do justice to the occasion itself.
So here are the cakes that Lucy and Beverley made last week and Phoebe and Fiona decorated.

12th Sep    fellow-blogger
Here at last a blog with Tone in it.

13th Sep    dotted
The whole of Lewes is obsessed.
White lines painted today in Leicester Rd.

14th Sep    torrential

15th Sep    traveller

16th Sep    aspect
Taken from half way along Pipe Passage
A new view of a familiar subject.

17th Sep    pizza della casa

18th Sep    fountain

19th Sep    Mmmmmmm...
red onions
celery, peppers and leeks
veg. stock
nukie brown
thyme, sage, mustard, black pepper
cook on slow oven...

20th Sep    circuit
(Tom Baker voice)
... just reverse the polarities...

21st Sep    jireh

22nd Sep    our house
...in the middle of our street

23rd Sep    chalky
I love the colour the chalk goes in the autumn and winter, especially when lit against a dark sky.

24th Sep    carpe diem
Meaning that I had an early morning ride...

25th Sep    vents

26th Sep    waymarkers

27th Sep    regrets

28th Sep    the turn of the leaf

29th Sep    quick boys...

30th Sep    michael