1st Sep    scaffold

2nd Sep    ashtray %26 strirrer

3rd Sep    south downs way
55 miles from Buriton (nr.Petersfield) to Lewes.
7 hours in the saddle.
Andrew, Peter, Dave, Peter F. and me. Absolutely shattered but a fantastic ride.

4th Sep    beer

5th Sep    monkey

6th Sep    cone

7th Sep    dalek

8th Sep    chicks
...quite why there should be this custom made box in a window containing fluffy easter chicks is a mystery.

9th Sep    ibiza

10th Sep    spider
Loads of spiders around at the moment, this one in my mum's garden.

11th Sep    pont
...an old family friend (made this bowl and fruit)

12th Sep    mill

13th Sep    criminal
...or rather it would be not to take advantage of another beautiful evening.

14th Sep    mannequins

15th Sep    chevrons

16th Sep    lawn
...hidden Lewes, this is the back garden of "Lewes House" on the High St.

17th Sep    serious

18th Sep    pond

19th Sep    runner bean

20th Sep    evening crane

21st Sep    beam me up

22nd Sep    pineapples

23rd Sep    karma cars

24th Sep    flick's mantlepiece

25th Sep    hellingly

26th Sep    vicarage

27th Sep    zimmerman
a marvellous documentary film by M.Scorsese on TV this week...

28th Sep    flash

29th Sep    escutcheon

30th Sep    on the turn